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  • -   Meridian 2024 New Delhi-

Dear all, 

We are happy to announce the resumption of the Meridian Conference this year, following the disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

All countries may please consider this post as a formal invitation to join the 16th Meridian Conference to be held in New Delhi, India from 3-6 July, 2024.

India, as host country, has already sent invitations to all Meridian member countries using available contact addresses. In case you have not received the invitation, please contact enquiries@meridian2024.gov.in.

Further, members who are interested in speaking during the conference on any specific topic of interest related to CIIP may kindly approach organizers at the above mentioned email at the earliest convenience.

All queries related to the Meridian 2024 conference can be sent to enquiries@meridian2024.gov.in or call +91112616278. The organizers will immediately respond to your questions.

The names of delegates who will participate in the conference may be sent to registration@meridian2024.gov.in.

For more information about the conference, online registration, and other updates, please keep checking https://meridian2024.gov.in.

The preliminary conference schedule is as follows:

  • 3 July: Primer Day
  • 4 July: Conference Day 1
  • 5 July: Conference Day 2
  • 6 July: Field Visit / Steering Committee meeting

We look forward to seeing you all in New Delhi in July!



Meridian 2019 - Geneva, Switzerland 


Meridian 2019 is now over and it was an incredibly valuable, enjoyable and successful event! Switzerland did a fantastic job with an innovative and informative programme combined with cultural and social events. As a logged in user, you can read a summary of the conference and download many of the presentations that were held during the conference.