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What's New

November 2018

Meridian 2018


Meridian 2018 is now over and it was an extremely valuable, enjoyable and successful event.  The organising team in Korea did a fantastic job with an innovative and stimulating programme combined with cultural and social events designed to encourage the information sharing and building trusted contacts that are the hallmarks of a Meridian Conference.  Three new countries joined the Meridian Community in Seoul: Bangladesh, Thailand and Uganda.  We were also joined by FIRST, WEF, ENISA and of course GFCE, as well as delegates from dozens of countries around the world who all enjoyed an unforgettable experience.  The conference proceedings will be available to Meridian members in due course.  If your country is not a member, encourage your government to send a delegate to the next Meridian Conference in 2019.


July 2018


Meridian 2018 Conference Website Now Open for Registration


The planning for M2018 is well advanced, and you can now register your interest at




There is no obligation by registering interest, but the system will tell you if you are eligible to attend and will take you to the next level.  There you can find out more about the conference and if you decide you wish to attend, you can submit your application to become a delegate.  The conference is open to all countries and is for government officials involved in CIIP, but there are limited places available and you will be asked to coordinate your attendance with other any members of your country's delegation.  There is no charge to attend, but delegates must pay for their own travel and accommodation.

Please use the 'Contact Us' tab if you require further information, or visit the conference website above. 

See you in Seoul on 17th -19th October.



February 2018


 The GFCE-Meridian CIIP GPG - the definitive introduction to CIIP and its Companion Document, all in English and Spanish


The highly acclaimed GFCE-Meridian Good Practice Guide (GPG) on CIIP for governmental policymakers now has yet another cousin, as well as its new companion and its cousin.

For Spanish speakers here is a Spanish Language version, and now, for Latin American Spanish speakers, here is the Espanol Latinoamericano version.

There is of course also the new Companion Document, which develops some of these topics in more depth, and the Documento Complementario is now available in Spanish thanks to the help of Spain's CNPIC.

Please feel free to make use of these Guides and share them amongst cybersecurity capacity builders to help promote CIIP.


November 2017

Meridian 2017 is now over and it was another very successful meeting of the ever-expanding Meridian Community.

The Conference proceedings will be available on the M2017 conference website soon, and later on this website (for Meridian Members only).

Mark your diary for October 17-19 for M2018 in Seoul.

See you in Seoul in 2018!



May 2017

Meridian 2017 will take place in OSLO, NORWAY on 24th and 25th of October.


Watch out for further announcements about the launch of the M2017 Conference website soon. 




January 2017

The Proceedings from Meridian 2016 are now available on the Previous Conferences page, for those who are registered to log in to the Members section of this website. 

Access to the whole of this website is available to any government officials involved in CIIP from any of the 60+ Meridian Community countries. If you believe that you qualify for access, please use the 'Apply for Access' form to request a password. Please provide your official email address and indicate your role or position in government.


December 2016

Meridian 2016 is over but will not be not forgotten for a long time, however preparations for Meridian 2017 are already underway.

It will be hosted by Norway in Oslo on 24 -26th October 2017 so put it in your Diary now.

We plan to develop a number of initiatives coming out of M2016 during the coming year, so check this page regularly.

Meanwhile if you can’t wait until October, you might like to take note of the event below, organised by NCSC.NL who are closely involved in the GFCE-Meridian CIIP process.

The 2017 ONE Conference will take place on 16-17th May 2017 in The Hague in The Netherlands.  This is a very large and well-established event, almost as old as Meridian itself, which started life as the Govcert-NL conference and has evolved into this extremely popular international Cybersecurity event.

It is hosted by NCSC.NL and brings together the best of Europe’s cyber brains and speakers with several parallel tracks of interesting workshops and some world class speakers.  It is of course a great venue for the vital function of networking, and mixes industry, academics and researchers, and government Cyber officials, many of whom are Meridian members.

The event is traditionally free of charge and you can find more details and the call for papers at this link.

We hope to see you there.

September 2016

The M2016 Conference Website is now open for registration for eligible government  officials involved in CIIP.  You can find more information there once your application has been processed, and you can also book a room in the conference hotel at a special discounted rate.  Places are limited so don't wait too long!

August 25th 2016

The Meridian Conference website, hosted by Mexico, can be found at  M2016 Conference Website .

You can register your interest in Meridian 2016 on that site and if you are eligible to attend, you will be sent a Userid to access further information about the conference and you will be able to apply to attend in the next few weeks. 

Please note that the list of Meridian Community Member Countries can now be found on the HOME page under the Meridian Process section. New countries who are not already Meridian members are always very welcome to attend a Meridian conference which will qualify them for membership of the Meridian Community.


July 20th 2016

Make sure your diary is clear for 7th to 10th November for Meridian 2016 which will take place this year in Mexico City.  The Conference website will be launched in the next few weeks and will contain lots of information about this unmissable event.  You will be able to register your interest and check that you are eligible to attend this year's event. Watch this space for further information!


July 1st 2016 - Meridian discussed in North American Summit

The Leaders of USA, Canada and Mexico highlighted Meridian recently - see extracts HERE.  Make sure you reserve your place at Meridian 2016 as soon as Registration opens later this month. 

June 2016

The PDF print facility is now available for the results of a Directory Search. This means that you can now produce a PDF for any selection by country or category, instead of downloading/printing the whole Directory.

The Programme for M2016 which will take place in early November in Mexico City, is now well developed and includes a special pre-conference day for new delegates to get up to speed with CIIP concepts, terminology and developments to help them get more out of the main conference. This is a key element of the GFCE-Meridian collaboration.

April 2016

The Meridian-GFCE collaboration is developing and we will soon be able to share plans for a new addition to the Meridian Annual Conference, as well as the date and venue. Watch this space.

Meanwhile we have uncovered a technical issue regarding the feature for downloading a PDF of  Directory search results.  Once we have tested and implemented this feature it will be highlighted here. Apologies for any inconvenience in the meantime.


February 2016


The Meridian-GFCE Initiative is now formally listed as one of the GFCE Initiatives and work is beginning to implement a working model and start some elements of the initiative, as listed on the GFCE website page.

Meridian members are encouraged to engage with the GFCE to discuss what they, as Meridian members, can offer to this initiative, and what benefits it might bring to their own development and projects.  The success of the initiative will depend on engagement by the Meridian Community and the identification of suitable partners who can benefit.

If you are a GFCE member country, then please liaise with your GFCE lead, and you may wish to consider becoming an active sponsor of this Initiative along with Spain, Norway, The Netherlands and Switzerland. 

Together we can improve CIIP globally.

More information wiill be published here when available


December 2015

The Country Admin Help instructional videos now have added soundtracks, in both English and Spanish!  Country Admins who wish to update their country's Directory entry should contact the Meridian Coordinator for authorisation or use the website Contact Us facility.

The proceedings of the 11th Meridian Conference held in Spain are now available on the Meridian Spain conference website, for all who attended the event.  In due course they will also be made available on this website for registered Meridian Community members.


October 2015

Well, I'm afraid it's too late!  You have just missed another excellent Meridian Conference.  It took place in the beautiful city of Leon, in its magnificent Parador, and the Spanish hosts were extremely welcoming and hospitable.  They exposed us to various cultural activities including the real Tapas experience.  The conference was of a very high quality with excellent speakers in the plenaries and workshops, and the delegates all learned a huge amount about what their opposite numbers were doing all over the world in the field of CIIP Capacity Building and Capability Development. There were at least 30 countries represented and 4 leading international organisations, including 3 new countries who have now joined the Meridian Community.  The whole event has underlined the unique value of such an opportunity for government CIIP policy makers to gather together without commercial pressures (as in most cyber events) to share information and views about CIIP,  to help better protect us all.

Don't despair if you missed it again. Instead, mark the last week of October in your 2016 diary to be sure that you can attend Meridian 2016 in Mexico.  More details will follow, but you can guarantee it will be worth attending for those eligible.

September 2015

If you are eligible to attend Meridian Conferences (i.e. you are a government CIIP official), you can now find out more about this year's conference in Spain and register to attend.  Each country's delegation places are limited, so please confer with your government colleagues and Register for more information and for a place at this unique event.

There is no conference fee but you will need to pay for your own travel and accommodation (at a special rate) in the conference venue, the magnificent Parador de Leon.

This year, the theme is Capability Development which covers CIIP Capacity Building for  Developing and more Advanced countries and various related topics.  Moreover it is a chance to talk openly and frankly with your opposite numbers from other countries all around the world, in a confidential environment free from any intrusion by commercial companies looking for business opportunities.  Make the most of this unique gathering and the chance to join or network with the Meridian Community.

July 2015

The Meridian2015 Conference website has now been launched by Spain in preparation for this year's conference.

You can find it at:  www.meridian2015.es 

In the coming weeks there will be a link to allow you to register for the conference (if you are a government CIIP official). 

If you have any questions, please contact the hosts or the Meridian Coordinator.


June 2015

This year (2015) the 11th Meridian Conference will take place in LEON, SPAIN on October 21st - 23rd, generously hosted by Spain's Centre for Critical National Infrastructure (CNPIC).  Leon is a wonderful location only a few hours from Madrid, and a key stopping point on the historic Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. Not only that, but Leon is home to the INCIBE organisation who host Spain's National CERT, amongst other things, and who are working with CNPIC to host this year's event.  The location, in Leon's magnificent Parador, lends itself perfectly to Meridian's philosophy of encouraging trusted information sharing and building long-standing networks of priceless personal contacts amongst government CIIP officials across the globe. This will be an excellent opportunity for Connecting and Protecting.


March 2015 

Members of the Meridian Community are playing a significant role in the Global Conference on Cyber Space (GCCS2015) taking place in The Hague in The Netherlands in April.

Watch out for the Meridian involvement in the PPP workshop, and major inputs to several Good Practice Guides and other conference outputs.

We look forward to seeing Meridian making a positive impact at this important global Cyber event.


February 2015

The Commonwealth Telecoms Organisation (CTO) is holding its next Cybersecurity Conference in London this April.

Meridian has enjoyed promotion and support by the CTO and we share a common aim to increase Cybersecurity Capacity Building across the globe. 

The CTO, like Meridian, has a very unique membership and ability to reach countries not otherwise likely to come together to discuss this vital subject.

You don't need to belong to the Commonwealth to attend the conference, and it is open to government and industry delegates from around the world who are interested in Cybersecurity.

You can find more details here: Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum 2015.pdf


 Meridian 2015

 The 11th Meridian Conference will take place in an historic setting in Spain in October 2015.

There will be plenty of innovation and an ever expanding global audience.  Watch this space for more news.

Meanwhile here is the latest Meridian Flyer in PDF M2015 Flyer Feb v5


 18 November 2014

If you weren't there, you have missed an outstanding Meridian Conference 2014 in Tokyo.

This conference certainly lived up to expectations with more than 40 countries registered to attend, and although a few didn't make it, there were delegates from 37 countries present. We explored 10 themes and everyone had a good chance to be involved in panel discussions or interactive workshops and the Japanese Government and NISC were exemplary hosts. 

Keeping the conference to its strict limit of 100 delegates definitely maximised the networking and trust-building opportunities amongst government CIIP officials, with no commercial pressures to worry about.  Many new countries were amazed by the open, frank and valuable discussions with and amongst their opposite numbers from other countries, and found it extremely valuable.

Our policy of rotating the conference to different regions each year means that in 2015 it will take place in Spain.  Watch out for information about that soon.

Meanwhile, the conference proceedings will be made available on this site in due course, for registered users only.


24 July 2014

Registration for the Meridian 2014 Conference has begun so visit the conference website to find out out more details.

A new Flyer to hand to your colleagues to explain more about Meridian is available here:  FlyerFebv5

It can be printed in colour and is double-sided, to help you promote the benefits of belonging to the Meridian Community.


9 July 2014

The Meridian Conference 2014 took place in Tokyo in November 2014.

The Meridian 2013 Conference proceedings from Buenos Aires are  available in the Members Area, in English and Spanish.

If you are a member of the Meridian Community (if your country has ever attended a Meridian Conference) you can request a password for access to the resources on this website including proceedings of previous conferences.